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Q: Is all this legal? Am I breaking any laws?
A: Yes, it is legal, and no, you're definitely not breaking the law. We are simply introducing you to individuals who take payment in exchange for spending their time with you. What the girls do when they are with you is their business and yours - it's nothing to do with us.

Q: Can I book more than one girl at a time?
A: Of course. Our bookers have to be made aware to that effect along with the information of your preferred Escorts, just let us know and we can make the arrangement for you. How can I guarantee confidentiality? has contracts in place to assure strict confidentiality. We also have "elite" ladies available who specialize in arrangements with celebrities and public figures. Because we only accept cash as payment, we only record our appointments in aggregate for tax purposes. We don't retain any client information whatsoever. We never share the personal information you give us your details are treated with maximum confidentiality. We would always want to avoid an awkward situation for you and our Escorts.

Q: Is tipping required?
A: Tips are always appreciated but not required.

Q: Can I visit one of your escorts or do they only visit me?
A: All our Escorts are able to visit you at your home or at your hotel only

Q: Are there any hidden costs or extras I should be aware of?
A: As the Escorts are not in our employ it is impossible to know if they would ask you for anything extra, however we encourage all our Escorts to be up front about anything they charge extra for and to let the agency know so we can relay it to you when you make your booking.
Should you choose an Escort who lives a long way from you and will incur extra expense getting to you we would advise you of this when you make the booking so there should be no surprise extra payments ever. Regarding payments for extra services this is unusual and we would like you to you inform us immediately if you are asked to pay extra and have an issue with this as it cannot be rectified after the event.

Q: In case we make sex I need to know if escorts really have orgasms or are they just faking it?
A: Both. It depends on you and the escort. I know escorts that come every time they have sex. One escort once told me that she even comes when the sex is bad and she doesn't like that because it gives poor lovers the wrong impressions. Remember, escorts are women just like other women and if the sex is good, they are going to enjoy it. On the other hand there are women who never come with any client. Most women are in the middle. If you're a good lover, they like to enjoy themselves. Look at it as an opportunity to learn to be a good lover.
Faking orgasms is a normal part of sex. Making sexual noises stimulates your partner sexually. So even if they are faking it, they're doing it for your pleasure. Consider it a compliment. One thing to remember is that orgasms tire a woman out and it may be harder for her to feel sexual the rest of the night so she may actively be avoiding orgasms if it's early in the evening.
The only thing an escort can not fake is the contractions in the vigina that occur during the orgasm (assuming you are in a penetration mode)

Q: Are guys who see escorts losers who can't get any for free?
A: Not at all. Escorts have several advantages. You don't have to talk anyone into it. When you're ready you can do it when you want. You don't have the overhead that a relationship comes with. You get someone who's experienced and a lot less inhibited. Many very successful men who can get sex for free still call escorts.
There really is no such thing as free relationship/company or free sex. Free company comes with a price. You have to have some sort of "relationship" with it. There's always the issue of where the relationship is going. Dealing with her friends and family, her habits, spending quality time together, being obligated to do things together. Not that there's anything wrong with that if you want that. But if you just want to get laid, everything else make that free sex very expensive.
Let's face it. Sexual attraction has a lot to do with looks. Some men are genetically blessed and some aren't. If you're 6'3" you are going to get offers. If you're 5'3" you're not. You're height isn't something you can do something about. But there is something else that turn women on and that's money. Women will marry you for your money. If you've seen the Fox show, "Who want's to marry a millionaire" you'll see the sad truth about what it's really all about. The bottom line is, if you want to get laid it's easier to come up with a few hundred bucks that to grow a foot taller.

Q: Am I going to get AIDS or VD if I have sex with my company?
A: Not if you use a condom and practice safe sex. Escorts are actually safer than most women because they actually ask their company to use condoms if they want to make sex. Men are 400 times less likely to get AIDS from a woman as a woman is from a man. It's a downstream disease. I also recommend washing up afterwards with an antibacterial soap.
Paying money or getting it for free has nothing to do with disease. If you get it for free you are more likely to get a disease without a condom than you are from a call girl with a condom. And free sex is more often done without condoms than pay sex.

Q: If I start seeing escorts, how will it affect my dating regular women.
A: It will probably help. You'll get more experience with women and you'll feel more confident because you're getting laid. There will be less pressure to score with your date which will make it less likely that you will ruin it be coming on too early. Then if you do have sex with your date you'll know more tricks and be a more impressive lover.

If you want to hear it from the horse's mouth please watch the video below, or read the story beneath the video it is a real escorts story that can answer many questions you may have:

Q- Welcome back to the forth segment of sex brain and money second episode being shot live on October 26th 2012 and keeping with our sexy theme for today we are now going to welcome the lovely the sexy the wonderful escort Cleo Catra thanks for joining us today Cleo (thanks for having me), so you are an escort why you do not tell us a little bit about how you got started in this business?
A- To be honest I have known and though about sex my entire life, when I was just thinking just now how there was a time in high school there was a party and I was walking with a friend of mine and we wren trying to decide if it is better to be sexy or beautiful, and we literally were running around even where in this party sexy or beautiful what one am I? What one am I? And she got beautiful from every one and I got YOU ARE FUCKIN SEXY (damming right) that is what I got from every single person
And so I have always kind of known that I have that kind of sexuality that kind of sexual power but the decision to turn this into your life’s work is a hard one because the stigma you know and what are people going to think? Can I actually do that? Or anything like that, so I went the normal rout I went to university I have been a bank manager I worked form the government (so sorry by the way) yeah right, I wen t the normal rout and I never been happy, and it was few years ago I met a couple that came to town, and them came up to me and said you are hot do you want to fuck me and my girlfriend, and I want yeah acutely I do and I spent a lot of time with them they moved to my room and I hanged up with them for a while and they have been together for 7 years and they have been swinging and having sex with other people the entire time and they were so ok with that, they were so happy together and they were so happy with their own sexuality that is kind of help me to realize that I do not need to be shameful about this, there is nothing wrong with wanting to have life and sex work nothing wrong with that and I asked him would you still want to have sex with me if I was a hooker and he said hell yeah so I quit the government and never looked back

Q- When you got started did you start working for an agency? Did you start as an independent? How did you go about it?,
A- I have always been an independent I did work briefly with another girl at the beginning that took me under her wing and you know showed me the robes and learned a lot from what she knew and learned a lot from her mistakes and went on my own completely just few month after that and I have been 100% independent the entire time

Q- Good for you, what is it feel about being independent escorts, what are things appeal to you in that sort of job?
A- The biggest thing and it touches on one thing you have been talking about earlier which is the ability to screen your clients and I am the one who does that there is no one who just says you know so and so is going to knock on your door I know who is going to knock on my door and when are they going to knock on my door and I decide if I want to see them or not, so if there is anything in the communications that that rings a bell I don't see that person and that's my own decision and that's really I think it's really the biggest benefit in being independent worker

Q- What about scheduling do you work all the time?
A- I work whenever I want to work you know and that is wonderful to, I do not want you come here today I put on my calendar I am unavailable, there is no one that I need to ask nothing that I need to do I work when I want and if I decide will stop working at ten I'm tired I want to go to the movie I change that and it is up to me (good for you)

Q- I know a lot of people that may not know the nuts and bolts (no one offended) about operating your business but I can guess you have learned a lot of interesting skills about small business management marketing stuff like that, what is the thing you do to set yourself apart from others in the business?
A- The one that I have really learned to just be myself market the truth, there is Not one part of my marketing that gives this image that is that is incorrect I have made, my pictures are not photoshopped my ads are ridiculous I talk about my cat you know I talk about myself as you know this kind of silly curvy tattooed crazy girl and it comes across in my ads and it works because then when when the gentleman come to see me they get exactly that person that they saw in the ads they don't come to me expecting you know this exotic kind that teaches me the robes kind of thing they come in and expect this girl is going to bounce around and laugh and give them really great sex and that's what they get (that is wonderful)

Q- You know what there is always that presumption that sex industry is so seedy and so fake and so inauthentic and it seems you are giving us the exact opposite of that by being very genuine very honest and very open and I appreciate that, interns of your actual activities with your clients do you have any sex speciality of anything you think you really do well?
A- I know I can really give good blows job actually, with two of my friends in the business we have been told that we are giving the best blows job ever, so I have been thinking of having a cock off at one point, get few guys you know and me and those two girls go through and actually see who gives the best blow jobs, besides that one thing I have really to learn in the business, is to really to learn to be on top because they are paying you you have to do all the work, so in my personal life I was not always the one to jump up on there but now I learn to you know now ride cowgirl reverse cowgirl really show them a good time when I am up there so (damn right no better way to do it)

Q- Let us go back to the right first thing we talked about which was you seeing the couple and that was your introduction to that world still see couples as a professional?
A- I would love to but unfortunately it hasn’t happened and I have been contacted by quite a few couples and I can understand the reasoning behind why it hasn't come to fruition because for one thing when men see escorts it is something they do in private so to tell your girlfriend or your wife or whoever you know that this thought is there is a difficult one to overcome, so I think a lot of couples might have the conversation of you know maybe one day we'll do this we should get an escort but then actually to decide to do that for the woman to decide to have sex with an escort I think is something that it is harder for women to accept it at some times and then it is also the idea and the fantasy of having that escort in seeing a couple is there but the reality of it is very very different, you know I have been in a couple of few situations in my personal life and actually I treated a good friend of mine with his first girl threesome not long time ago because he told me he never had one so I hired a girl in the business and had a great time but that was different because he was not my boyfriend so there was no jealousy or anything like that, but in a couple situation to actually see your husband you know have sex with another women is something that might sound hot and might seem hot but is not necessarily there. I get contact all the time and I love to do it but it neve actually happened

You know what we can only hope that changes in the near future, we goanna wrap this up and thank you so much for joining us on the show today I think that the audience has your contact information and they know how to get in touch with you if they are interested in enjoying sometime with the lovely and sexy miss Cleo Catra, ok so thank again for being on the show we are going to take a quick break and I am going to come back to wrap things up and

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